Application Privacy Policy

This application privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy"), Japan Art Media Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is called "Dot-Ranger Full Version" (hereinafter referred to as the "application" provided by the ) and services related to this application (hereinafter referred to as the "service") thing that defines the handling of user information in.


1. Information you provide items:
"Application usage history, advertising identifier, identification ID, Cookie"

2. Information of the acquisition method:
Automatic acquisition in via "this app, and have you registered at the time of initial startup. "

3. Purpose:
"This service offers"
"This application performance improvement."
In order to provide the statistical information about the "user use in our company, or to a third party (however, processed in the copy for the information to be provided, personally identifiable information is not included, also any individual will not be used to identify) "

4. The method of notification and disclosure or informed consent, the user's involvement method:
"After installation, to display the book policy in this application startup, consent Omotte the start of the service."

5. presence or absence of external transmission and third-party provision and information collection module and advertising delivery:
We are using the information collection module that operators of the following to provide, for the purpose of quality improvement of this application through the business person, you automatically get the action history information on the users of the application anonymously. The following information collection module provides operators to use the user of Cookie, the user information for automatic acquisition, information that information collection module provider to acquire, use purpose, the following for the provision to a third party Please check by the link of the business's privacy policy, which has been described.
■operators and information collection module name
1. AdMob
Google Inc.
2. Google Analytics
Google Inc.
Rentracks Co.,Ltd.
■Privacy Policy and Purpose of use
1.Delivery of advertising
2.The collection and analysis of access logs we use Google Analytics. In Google Analytics to collect the log to contain no information that identifies the individual use cookies (cookie). Data that has been collected through the use of Google Analytics will be managed based on Google's privacy policy.
3.Delivery of advertising

6. Inquiries
■Contact name:"Dot-Ranger" customer engagement

The following, we will describe the details of the present policy.

■Item of the acquired information, purpose of use, how to get
Upon the use of this app and the service, the Company, for the purposes of the guidelines 3, the user information of the guidelines 1 to get by the method of the outline 2. In addition, when you contact us, you may be asked again please report the personal information that you will need.

■Method of notification and disclosure or informed consent, for user involvement
a.This policy, will be announced by way of summary 4 described. Upon use of this application and this service, it is necessary to receive your check for the advance this policy, you agree to this policy have to use the start of the application or the service.
b.The user, by the principal of operation and offers, all or part of the acquisition stop of user information, change, delete, you can use the stop of this application and the service.

■For the presence or absence of external transmission and third-party provision and information collection module
a.User information of guidelines 1, will be used within the scope of the guidelines 3.
b.The Company, in the scope and methods described in Guidelines 3 and Guidelines 5, there is the case of the acquisition of information by a third party. The information to be acquired in this case, for more information about the purpose and the like, please refer to the external link of Guidelines 3 and Guidelines 5, as well as Guidelines 5 described.
c.In this service, all of the personal information that the Company, including the user information of the Guidelines 1 to get, you can use only for the purposes of the Guidelines 3 and Guidelines 5. The Company, without the consent of the user, the acquisition and save the information in this service does not disclose or provide to a third party. However, except in the following cases.
①If based on the laws and regulations.
②Human life, even if it is necessary for the protection of the body or property, if it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
③Those who received the agency or local government or the commission of the country, in a case where there is a need to cooperate to be performed by a set of laws and regulations, there is a risk that adversely affect the performance by obtaining the consent of the person case.
④Others, on the conventional wisdom, even if the Company has determined that it is necessary, if it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
⑤Third party that is expressly stated in this policy.

Inquiries regarding the handling of your user information in this application, this service, consultation will be accepted at the inquiry window of Guidelines 6 described.

■If you want to change the application privacy policy
This policy, along with the version-up of this application, the items and use the purpose of obtaining information, it may be revised for the third party provision. If there is a change in important matters, to display this policy at the time of this application start-up, you will the consent of the user again.

August 5, 2016